Spring is in the air in the SalzburgerLand

Days become longer. The air is mild and warm. Nature awakes from its hibernation. Nature starts growing and blooming

Spring in Salzburg

Spring in the Salzburger Land

As the days get longer, nature awakes from its hibernation. The birds are singing, forests and meadows grow green, everything starts blooming and growing. Warm spring is coming - come visit us.

Roadbike region

Roadbike region SalzburgerLand

The roadbike region SalzburgerLand Salzkammergut is about to starts its season as well. The snow is moving to the mountains and leaves the best routes for nice tours through the SalzburgerLand.

Hiking and Walking

Hiking and walking in the Gastagwirt

Even on the nicest hiking trails and walking paths nature starts over again in Spring. Come with us on hiking- or walking tour and enjoy the natural beauty of the SalzburgerLand in the warm season of the year.

Regional Products

Regionality in the Gastagwirt

Gastagwirt means "regionality". This is our concept and not, because it is hip and up to date, but we've always been regional and acted accordingly. We've produced our own products for centuries.

We look forward

We look forward meeting you in spring

Whan you celebrate the rise of the Spring 2016 with us. Become our guests in the Landhotel Gastagwirt and welcome the warm season with us. We care for you with tradition, pleasure and relaxation - welcome.


Feedback is important to us and we take it seriously.

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The Gastagwirt Team is looking forward to meeting you soon.